I’ve been knitting up several versions of a baby hat that I designed. Soon I will have the pattern available and will most likely send it to Knit Picks for their Independent Designer Program or IDP. The program is an exciting opportunity to market my patterns. I have several other design ideas that I will be working on over the next several weeks.

First, the idea sparks, then I think through how to make it, try it out, work to get it right, write down the pattern, then knit it over and over as I work to perfect the pattern. It takes quite a lot of time. I’m not sure that many people understand how much time, thought, and process go into creating an original design and documenting how to recreate it. When writing a pattern, you wonder, should I add more directions? have I given too much information? The knitter should have some leeway when knitting from a pattern as to how to keep track of their stitches, which technique to use for increasing or decreasing – if it doesn’t make a difference in how the finished product looks. Otherwise, I think it’s great when the designer gives tips and specific information. That way, the knitter won’t be disappointed with the outcome and then if they have a different, preferred, or better way of doing something, they can try that next time.

I am always thinking about knitting. I go to sleep thinking of the next step in my current creation or I think about something new and wonderful I want to make out of yarn. How to do it? I usually build on skills I already possess but it’s also fun to reach beyond my current grasp and learn something new; maybe even find a new technique in the process. Spending time with my yarn and needles is a wonderful way to enjoy life.

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