Shibui On My Mind

Shibui Mix No. 34 Working on first pattern section.

Shibui Mix No. 34
Working on first pattern section

I’m knitting with a super soft yarn combination and I’m so excited about it. One strand of Shibui Staccato and one strand of Silk Cloud in Ivory held together are making up the most beautiful and fun-to-make cowl.

Recently, I became part of the Shibui Spark program and I’m lucky enough to be knitting this brand new cowl pattern from this amazing yarn manufacturer.

My LYS, Jessica Knits, (where I work and teach) has a fabulous selection of Shibui yarns that you mix to make simple, classic garments and accessories. The store has a trunk show in right now and I am so excited about Shibui’s fibers. What’s amazing is how soft it all is. You can double up a fiber or mix two different fibers together. We just had a mix party at the store where customers knit a swatch substituting different fibers together to see how the combinations look and feel. Shibui makes it so easy to follow their recommendations for their patterns but it’s fun to mix on your own, too!

I’ll keep posting my progress on this cowl because it’s just too wonderful not to share with you all!