Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Jim Rohn

imageWhat I’m Working On
My husband and I just returned from taking our younger son to college which is the same college his older brother is attending. Before we left on the trip, I was thinking that I would have time this fall to make blankets for each of my boys for their dorm beds. When I saw my older son’s “house” that he lives in this year, there was a couch on the porch and a knitted Log Cabin blanket piled on it. Squeal! Now I have another purpose – to crochet one or more blankets for the posterity of the House. Since the house is full of artistic students, I’m already thinking about a colorful zig zag pattern. First, to finish the navy and white (school colors) blanket for the oldest. I love goals. They make me work faster!

My second project goal is my Shibui Cowl that has been getting put aside as I work on samples for my fall classes and other various necessary knitting. (I facilitate our Dream Club at the store and I always start the new project so I can help members begin at our monthly meeting.) Knitting with the Staccato and Silk Cloud is always divine and since I love all of Shibui’s yarns, I have a few projects in my yarn stash ready and waiting. Mix No. 14 is a fabulously soft scarf that I made as a store sample and now I must have it for myself; just need to decide which colors to use. The anticipation is as pleasing as the making.

What I’m Reading
On our 12 day trip, I began and finished (an amazing feat for me!) a book that I read on my iPad with my Kindle app. The Day of the Triffids had me on the edge of my seat and I love that it was written in 1951. It seems like the creator of The Walking Dead read the same book. I watched about 1-1/2 seasons of TWD and then I abandoned it. Are they going to go on killing zombies forever? Seems like an uphill battle that I do not want to be part of.

More excitement! Margaret Atwood is coming to Phoenix to speak about climate change and her dystopian trilogy. In anticipation of attending this event, I am re-reading Oryx and Crake and will then tackle The Year of the Flood, and MaddAddam to finish. I plan to be ready to understand every reference she makes to these books. Again, a goal of November-something spurs me to make time to read!

Pet Peeves
On my list of things to do is getting my magazine subscriptions in order. There are so many that I receive and love to collect, and sometimes read! Where the question comes in is the way my postal carrier treats my magazines. We have a traditional mailbox in the front of the house and usually my magazines arrive in decent shape as they are taken out of the ample sized mailbox. But now and again, something happens to them on the way there and they are crumpled, crinkled, and torn and I am just not happy about that! I like paying the subscription rate and not having to worry about when the next issue is out, but having my magazines in good condition is important to me, too. I will be pondering.