I teach small group classes for all levels of knitting ability. Classes are two hours each, perfect for advancing to the next level of knitting proficiency, learning a new skill, or knitting a special project.

Class Fees

$30 per person for a 2-hour class, plus materials

3 to 6 students

Add $10 if I travel to your location (within 10 mile radius of Tatum & Bell)


Current classes are listed to the right (or below on mobile view). If no date is listed for a class, I will schedule the class when I have three or more students interested. Fill out the interest form below, indicate the class you're interested in, and recruit some friends to sign up, too. Once I have three or more, I'll contact everyone to determine a time and location that works for all.

Knit Classes


  • How to Knit
  • How to Purl
  • Your First Scarf
  • Your First Wrist Warmers

Experienced Beginner*

  • Adding Tools to Your Toolbelt (Cast Ons, Bind Offs, Increasing/Decreasing)
  • Learn to Avoid and Fix Your Mistakes

Advanced Beginner**

  • Basic Finishing Skills
  • Your First Hat in the Round
  • Socks on Two Circulars or Magic Loop
  • Socks on Double-Pointed Needles
  • Understanding Yarn Substitutions and Gauge

Crochet Classes


  • Learn to Crochet
  • Learn More Stitches

Experienced Beginner*

  • Following a Pattern
  • Granny Squares (Working in the Round)

* Experienced Beginner - You've been practicing and you're ready to learn more
** Advanced Beginner - You've made a few projects and you want more of a challenge