Cup Cozies

I’m teaching how to make Cup Cozies at Knit Happens but it turns out that people have been asking for the pattern. I’ve decided to make a couple of patterns available for purchase through Ravelry. They’ll be online in a couple of days, after I’ve had the patterns test-knitted. The Cozies are quick and easy to make whether you’re using straight needles or two circulars. It’s fun to make them in holiday colors too. I’ve already knitted some pink Cozies to use in February in honor of Valentine’s Day!

Every time I go to Starbucks, they tell me I should sell my Cozies, but I think the next best thing to making Cozies all day long is to sell the pattern so you can make them too! And when you’re at Starbucks, let them know that you’re using your own sleeve or Cup Cozy and they’ll take ten cents off the price of your drink. How’s that for giving back?!

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