"Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it." — Julia Child

I knit all the time. Practically all day long, if I can. That seems excessive somehow but I love to knit. I always have several projects going at once and usually something that NEEDS to be knitted. Maybe for a class or for a gift. It seems like I always need a Project Linus blanket to be in the works. The sweaters that I am making for myself languish as new ideas and necessary projects take my attention away. I have three sweaters that require seaming. One of them is for my oldest son who has grown much too large to fit into it but the younger one has grown into it by now. I’ve got yarn “waiting” for me to use it. I know exactly the project I purchased it for and it’s there when I’m ready to make the item. But then, the next project comes along; the next “NEED to get it done first” project. And the older yarn sits and patiently waits.

I love the title quote because it truly describes my interest in knitting and creating. I am passionate about knitting and my passion manifests itself in many ways. Teaching others to knit is one of my passions. Helping others get started on a path that I know they will enjoy traveling for many years to come brings me much joy. When a student’s face lights up because they are knitting and purling. “I’m doing it!” When I answer a question that they have been wondering about for a long time. It seems that I hold the key to the mysteries of knitting. I explain about needles, yarn, gauge, abbreviations. It starts to become clear and they see the possibilities of what they can create with their own hands.

Today I purchased my master hand knitters materials and I hope to receive them soon. My goal is to become a Master Knitter as pronounced by The Knitting Guild Association. There are three levels: each level requires learning new techniques, mailing in swatches for critique, and research. I am looking forward to this challenge, as I am a lifelong learner. I love to study and write and I look forward to the research aspect as much as the technique aspect of the program. Posting my progress on this website is one of my goals. I look forward to hearing from those of you who are also taking on this challenge and from anyone who is following their passion for knitting and creative output.

Knit on with passion and perseverance for you are the creator of your destiny.