Knitter, we have a problem.

by Cathy on July 29, 2014

Starting to see the beautiful pattern. And no holes.
Starting to see the beautiful pattern. And no holes.

So, I’m knitting on this Shibui cowl, so excited to be using this super soft yarn, and suddenly, I notice that my M1s are making holes. And I do not want holes in this pattern. I simply want increases. After some examination, I realize that I need to unknit a few rounds (of 260 stitches!) but be smart, I’m thinking. What will I do to stop the problem from happening again?

I try increasing with a standard M1R and I think this is too tight. So, I don’t know what I’m going to do but I can’t live with it the way it is. So, I unknit. I don’t mind unknitting because I am fairly quick at it, but three rounds of 260 sts each is a lot of unknitting. I did a bit at a time so I wouldn’t get frustrated. Then, I went ahead and knitted on.

Lifting the bar definitely ended up working because the bar was so loose and that was the real problem. I just couldn’t tighten up my stitches enough. My solution was to lift the bar for all M1s on one round, then do a backward thumb increase (as the pattern calls for) on every other round. This has solved the problem of gaping holes. There is a small hole here and there but I can live with that. I don’t want it to be too tight.

And now I am blissfully knitting in the round again, working on the second repeat of Rounds 1-18. I do love how this is knitting up.

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